31mm Double-Dome Ar Sapphire Crystal To Mod Orient Ray & Mako Watches

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Double-Dome AR Sapphire Crystal to Mod Orient Ray and Mako Watches (Gen 1 or 2) 

This is an after-market double-dome sapphire crystal that you can use to mod your Orient Ray or Mako watch (both Gen 1 and 2 models). It also fits the Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF15, SNZF17 - Seiko Sumo SBDC001, 003, 031, 033 - Seiko Shogun: SBDC007, 029 watches. The crystal is 5.5mm thick and 31mm in diameter.

 It has blue anti-reflective coating (on the bottom of the crystal only) which imparts a blue hue at some angles. Also, It is a double dome. Domed top, domed bottom, so it does not have a magnification effect.


Watch Features:

  • Thickness: 5.5mm (31mm diameter)

  • Material: Sapphire

  • Coating: Blue Anti-Reflective on bottom

  • Fits: Orient Ray, Mako and Seiko SNZF15, SNZF17, SBDC001, 003, 031, 033, SBDC007,029

  • Part: Ray-DD